10 gadgets which can improve your Home tremendously

Some companies have created gadgets which make life easier at home. I will present you ten that you will love.

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  1. Roomba 980 : 5 votes
  2. Soft closing motion of drawers and cabinets : 4 votes
  3. Neato Robotics Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum : 3 votes

Nowadays, technology is all over us. Each day, new inventions are crafted and created. Those are entertaining purposes, others for work purposes. Nevertheless, some companies have taken their time to take home’s into account and create gadgets which make life easier at home. I will present you ten that you will love. Please vote and let us know what you think are the best or worst items in the list. If you think something is missing from the list please mention those in the comments section.

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    This is another amazing gadget to maintain clean your house. The Roomba 980 is a rounded device with a vacuum cleaning system which automatically will go all over the house cleaning. It is very useful to make floors tidy and eliminate small dirt from the floor. One of the best characteristics of the device is that we can set a spot in order to keep it away and upon our request it does it all by itself.


    iRobot Roomba 980 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Connectivity + Manufacturer's Warranty + Extra Sidebrush Bundle

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    We have to accept that sometimes we slam cabinets and drawers, not because we are too strong, it’s just because we didn’t measure the strength at that moment. It can be disastrous for the drawers and cabinets, above all, if they have parts made of glass. The soft closing devices for drawers and cabinets solve this problem. They are installed in the cabinet closing system and they slow down the speed when closing. Besides that, these devices are security devices, because the impede the cabinets and drawers to break when we close them too hard.


    King Slide Push-to-Open, Soft-Close Drawer Slides, 21 in

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    Tired of cleaning you house every second? Is your dog leaving hair all over the house? Is dust getting away with murder every time you go out for a while? Then the Neato Robotics Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum might be the solution. This amazing device can work extra hours just to clean your floor and some spaces that are hard to reach. It has a vacuum cleaning system, which makes it perfect for profound cleanings.


    Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum by Neato Botvac D85

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    This is a very useful device that can send information to your cellphone. If your house needs to be monitored, this camera can offer a wide range of vision and also might alert when something is going wrong. The Nest Cam Security Camera is a wireless device with high resolution very helpful to look over for kids and pets. Its autonomy is up to one hour, but it is very useful for domestic security purposes.


    Nest Cam Indoor security camera, Works with Amazon Alexa

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    Have you ever wanted to have tee prepared when you reach home? Now you can tell your iKettle to prepare tee for you. You can connect it to your cellphone and make your life easier. The iKetlle can receive orders from whenever you are. You can see which the level of water in the iKettle is, regulate the temperature and you can even schedule a specific time for the iKettle to prepare tee for you. This is a very useful gadget indeed.

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    This is a bar which helps eliminates odors out of your hands. This obviously does not improve your house but will make your life easier in order to do other things at home. Sometimes you work with strong odor products and want to get rid of those odors. As if you had soap you can wash your hands with or without water. Isn’t that amazing?


    Amco Rub-A-Way Bar, Stainless Steel

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    This is practically a Bluetooth speaker. Yes, you can use it to listen to music, but the uses of this device are quite more. As it can be connected to internet, you can order google to search for items and information with your own voice. In fact, you can use to make it read information, such as the weather. You can set alarms and receive calendar notifications. It is a very useful gadget if you learn how to use it and take advantage of it.


    Amazon Echo - Black (1st Generation)

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    Keys are going to be things of the past. With August Smart Lock you can have control of the door locks of your house. It does not only control if the door can open or close upon our request, it can also recognize people. The main purpose is to program the device to allow certain people to go in your house. Besides, the August Smart Lock looks very nice.


    August Smart Lock (with 3rd generation technology) - Silver

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    When we go to bed we definitely can’t get enough. We are too cold, later we are too hot. Then, in order to satisfy this fact, temperature control sheets were invented. You can remotely control the temperature of your blanket to feel comfortable when sleeping, without feeling the annoying sensation of getting hot or cold. Some blankets can be controlled with your cellphone, so it’s very convenient for those places where the weather is a little bit extreme.


    Outlast Temperature Regulating Sheet Set in Linen, King

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    Isn’t that annoying to be standing up every time to turn the lights on and off? When you are in bed and want to sleep, or worse, you are actually falling asleep and need to turn off the light, isn’t harder to do that at that moment? Well, this bulbs can be remotely controlled using your cellphone (yes, your cellphone is with you in bed). There are many kinds of light bulbs. Some models can be dimmed out and change their colors as desired. Besides that, it’s very fancy to have this kind of devices ant home, isn’t it?


    Wink Hub 2

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