Gaming Accessories That Are A Must Have

The world of gaming has uniquely created accessories for each need. Here we have curated gaming accessories which we think is must have for any avid gamer.

10 Gaming Accessories That Are A Must Have

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  1. Mophie Space Pack : 6 votes
  2. Razor Blackwidow Ultimate : 5 votes
  3. Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad : 4 votes

Gaming has become one of the fastest growing sectors in internet. It appeal for young crowd is incredible. It’s a crazy world with super heroes, warlords and notorious outlaws. Once a normal hobby has now become some teenagers’ income source. You will mainly find these professional gamers on YouTube and Twitch. Here we have compiled a list gaming accessories which we think is necessary if you want to take gaming experience to a new level. As always please vote on list items and suggest new additions in the comments section below.

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    Mobilephiles take into account two most uncommon factors when gaming on their smartphones and these are memory and life. An ultimate dual-solution accessory constructed to accommodate both factors was created by Mophie. The space packs offer 32GB of extra space to store proprietary media like videos and songs thus saves you space for your App Store games and also has up to 100 percent additional power. Without a disruption in your iCloud allocation you can download crazy and test every major release.


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    A dope gaming keyboard is very important whether it is in World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike. A new bona fide rep for making the hottest gaming accessories out has been established by Razer. Additionally, it this upgraded Blackwidow is not an exception since it promotes faster key switches for prompt in-game acting and also has the same solid design. In order to also increase your kill, there is the responsive tactile feedback of the keys.


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    A retro-style USB controller like the Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad  are especially important if you are playing old-school-style games or even using an emulator to play NES/SNES. It works perfectly with just about anything you throw at it and it is also compatible with the PC thanks to a USB connection.


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    Most games work fine with a controller and some players. Actually numerous players prefer having a game pad in their hands while still mice and top gaming keyboards may be the objective best input method for many PC games. The best PC game controller game that you can buy right now is the Xbox One Elite Controller for those that do prefer a controller. Through either a USB cable or wirelessly through the separate Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adaptor dongle one can connect the Elite controller to the PC. Additionally, in both the PC and Xbox One it offers the same game-changing benefits. Different analog stick tops of different heights which give more precision aim and also swappable parts for the directional pad which change how you feel are some of the Controller traits that can change the way we play computer games.


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    The Xbox controller is also a great choice for computer gamers for a less expensive controller option. Basically it is the ingrained and standard computer controller for the last ten years that many PC games default to Xbox-style button prompts onscreen when plugging in a controller. It is comfortable to use for long periods and also has a great button layout that is perfect for almost everybody. At a very reasonable price for wired versions it comes at a very considerable price. We recommend using the wired controller since the Wireless Xbox 360 controllers cost a little more extra and require spate wireless receivers.


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    PC racers tend to lean more towards the simulation style of gameplay but console racing games are usually blends of simulation and arcade. A good PC racing wheel is vital in order to play these games properly and give a real simulation experience. A recommendation is given on this gaming tool. 1080 degrees of movement, customizable pedal inclination, full force feedback and the VG T150 add value to the perfect value and performance. A shift accessory and a heavy-duty three-pedal set are some of the compatible optional add-ons since they can be used as a clutch to make you feel like it is real. Additionally, there are more than enough enhancements when racing on a PC because of the VT T150 and pedals.


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    Having a decent arcade fight stick is an important key for one to showcase their skills since fighting games have become common these days in every PC. A preference in Qanba Q1 Fight Stick is given by us although there are wide ranges of Mad Catz and Ranger sticks to choose from. It offers many of the same core features although it has a surprisingly inexpensive feature therefore for PC fight fans it is a no-brainer. It is easily customizable with new parts of buttons, sticks and hex movement gates performing admirably out of the box.


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    The Saitek Farming Simulator and Elite Dangerous accessories are dreams that have come true for gaming simulations like Euro Truck Simulator 2, Construction Simulator 2015 and Farming Simulator 15. The set comes with a side panel with more than 25 programmable buttons plus a joystick and more importantly a steering wheel and pedals within the set package. The controls can get really convoluted on a keyboard which is the hardest thing about playing simulator games.


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    Nothing enhances the experience more than having a real flight stick in your hands since flight simulator games are extremely popular on the PC. This stick has been the normal standard for PC flight sticks for years due to their great performance and durability in the Hotas X stick; therefore you could imagine the Thrustmaster Flight Hotas 4 stick which is the newest version. It features twelve programmable actions and stick with five movement axes, detachable throttle and it is also compatible with the PC as well as PS4. Additionally, it also works all types of flight sim games from civilian flight, space and combat. This stick easily matches the performance of much more expensive flight sticks that are available and even at a reasonable and low cost.


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    The valve designed brand new PC controller known as the steam controller was created as an effort to bridge the gap between mouse or keyboard controls and standard controller. It essentially gives you precise mouse cursor control on your thumbs by combining a traditional controller form factor and button layout with dual trackpads on the front. Additionally, through performing well across many game genres it gives you a wide range of control options.


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